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Spermatorrhoea is a kind of sexual disorder. It is the emission of semen without copulation. In other words Auston Matthews Jersey , it is an involuntary seminal discharge. The term spermatorrhoea in its restricted sense suggests the condition in which involuntary seminal losses occur frequently that create a morbid state. This is the greatest worry for the young men.

When does spermatorrhoea become a disease?

If the seminal secretion occurs frequently and increases abnormally, it should be given serious thinking. It, then, should be treated as disease. There are many side effects that are associated with Spermatorrhoea. The most important are headache, back ache James Van Riemsdyk Jersey , lethargy, extreme sweating, feeble vision, weariness, giddiness Toronto Maple Leafs T-Shirts , limbs tremor, rapid and irregular heartbeat, sleeplessness, gloominess, low sexual urge Toronto Maple Leafs Hoodie , etc.

The causes of spermatorrhoea

The seminal discharge occurs in men who rarely pamper in sexual intercourse. If not ejected through copulation, it is very natural as well as healthy that after some interval the fluid is escaped with no provocation. But, the question is the limit of time when the problem is taken as serious. When does this seminal emission or spermatorrhoea considered as normal? When does it considered to be harmful?

There is no fixed law as to the amount of discharge applicable for all the people universally. Nor, there is any common acceptance of the rule. The time that passes away between seminal discharges varies awfully in case of those individuals who however, stay good health regularly. Some men undergo such a discharge once in 15 days Customized Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey , while others may experience it several times in a week, and however preserve perfect fitness.

The Main causes of spermatorrhoea:

1.Failing of the nervous system

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